Employee Info

Employee Info2021-02-18T15:41:53+00:00
Who do I contact to report an injury on the job?2021-02-18T15:45:59+00:00
Who do I contact regarding garnishment or child support payroll deductions?2021-02-18T15:44:29+00:00

toni.sharp@riggstree.com 918-786-9956 EXT: 1004

How can I find out about what benefits are offered to me? (Health Insurance, Insure OK, Life Insurance)2021-02-18T15:42:33+00:00

Medical – 3 plan options through BCBS

Dental — BCBS

Vision – VSP

Life – Dearborn 100% company paid

You will receive an insurance packet within two weeks of hire, if you do not please contact leann.stowell@riggstree.com or 918-786-9956 EXT: 1003

Am I eligible for 401K?2021-02-18T15:49:02+00:00

After one year of employment you become eligible for 401K. Go to https://www.principal.com and start the process today.

Contact leann.stowell@riggstree.com or 918-786-9956 EXT: 103


Where do I go to see information such as my paycheck and time off information?2021-02-18T15:49:16+00:00


Company ID:31890

You will need to know your user name and password

I forgot my password to Paylocity and I need to reset it?2021-02-18T15:49:27+00:00

Contact the main office at 918-786-9956.

I have not received my W-2 who do I contact?2021-02-18T15:49:33+00:00

If you are a current employee you can access you W2’s on Paylocity or contact toni.sharp@riggstree.com or 918-786-9956 EXT: 1004

Where can I go to access my Pay-Card balance?2021-02-18T15:49:38+00:00

Call 1-888-265-8228 and follow the prompts for current balance or go to www.fintwistsolutions.com and download the easy to use Fintwist mobile app to view your card balance and transaction history at no charge

What if my Pay-Card is lost or Stolen?2021-02-18T15:49:45+00:00

Call 1-888-265-8228 and notify customer service ASAP. You can get another card mailed via Fintwist, which can take 5-7 business days or Riggs Tree Service can overnight you a new card. Contact diana.jeffries@riggstree.com or 918-786-9956 EXT: 1001

How can I obtain an employee handbook?2021-02-18T15:49:53+00:00

Self-service Portal on Paylocity


Who do I contact to file a complaint against another employee or management?2021-02-18T15:49:59+00:00

leann.stowell@riggstree.com    918-786-9556 EXT: 1003 or 918-791-8964

When do I qualify for the Boot Program?2021-02-18T15:50:07+00:00

An employee qualifies for a pair of boots on his one-year anniversary date.

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